Weekly Wrap Up: Comics Released November 30th

There really wasn’t a whole lot of comics released this week, which I suppose is a by product of it being the fifth week in a month. Although despite that I still ended up reading a decent handful of comics.

Next week has a much higher number of comics being released so check back tomorrow to see what I’m looking forward to, and what I think y’all should check out. In the mean time… how did this weeks pull list pan out? Continue reading “Weekly Wrap Up: Comics Released November 30th”

Thought Of The Day: Reading Comics While Sick

I’ve been feeling somewhat under the weather lately, and haven’t been doing much writing beyond the few regular features for Ramblings and Graphic Policy. One of the worst aspects of having a river of snot running from your nose, aside from having a river of snot running from your nose, is how difficult it is to read a physical comic without getting any moisture on the pages. And while a screen is better, I’m still not a fan of sneezing onto it, and the constant staring at the light isn’t helping my headache.

I’ll stop whining now.

Weekly Wrap Up: Comics Released 11/23

Well this week had some great surprises for me from Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire’s After Death Book One and The Goddamned (more that it actually came out than anything else), but there were also quite a few other comics I was able to read that were pretty awesome, too. Not all are covered below, because as we know at this point I’m chronically lazy, but you’ll find a handful that you may be interested in below.


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A Comic Book Death? Oh, You Mean A Character’s Temporary Absence.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve lost my ability to give a shit about death in comics, because it feels like these days death in comics is used as a sales tool.

What does it say about the cynicism of comic book readers when something drastic changes in the current status quo, for example the death of Professor X, and rather than being shocked and surprised, we’re wondering whether he’ll be back next issue or if it’ll take a couple years before he crawls out of the afterlife. Continue reading “A Comic Book Death? Oh, You Mean A Character’s Temporary Absence.”

The Pull List: November 23rd

Ye olde pull list. I’m sure most of you have one, or are at last familiar with the concept. Funnily enough, I don’t have anything on my list that the comic shop will actually be holding back for me, but I’m still going to be reading a fair few comics this week. What am I planning on picking up? Not as much as in previous weeks, honestly, but that may change when I walk in the shop’s door. But what am I currently looking forward to what  picking up  tomorrow?

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Weekly Wrap Up: 11/16’s Comics


There were quite a few comics released this week that were worth reading, and some that were best left on the shelf. Luckily enough, I was able to get more of the good ones than the bad, although even now I haven’t made it through all of my to read pile, so maybe there’ll be more to come later this week – or maybe not. I am chronically lazy, after all.

Anyway, on to the comics!

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Have You Ever Struck It Lucky At A Flea Market?

The places that people get rid of their junk unwanted possessions, ideally for a price, whether it be at a flea market or a yard sale, or the car boot sale (which is essentially a combination of a flea market and a yard sale). Of course if you can’t shift your stuff at either of those (or on any number of online selling arenas) then there the last resort of the goodwill and/or charity shop.

If you’ve ever been to any one of the above, then there’s a chance that you’ve seen somebody’s old comics for sale. Continue reading “Have You Ever Struck It Lucky At A Flea Market?”

Blast From The Past #34

This week we look at something that I found when looking at an old issue of Wolverine from the turn of the century (I feel old by saying that. Really old). Do you remember when Marvel tried their hand at being an internet provider?

Neither did I.

But hop past the read more tag, and you can find a picture of the advert I found. I didn’t try and pop the CD into my laptop yet, but I’m sure that’ll happen eventually because I’m kinda curious about what’ll happen. Continue reading “Blast From The Past #34”