What Does Stan Lee’s Office Look Like?

Have you ever wanted a glimpse into the office of a man who both figuratively and literally changed the comic book industry?

Then you can see more photos of Stan Lee’s office here.


Via firewire blog.

One thought on “What Does Stan Lee’s Office Look Like?

  1. This is what I think is so likeable about Mr. Stan Lee, he is a huge fan of his own work, in a non-egotistical sort of way. If you take a look at the picture labeled Action Figures, you will see that there is a bottle of Excelsior wine on the top shelf of the bookcase. I thought “How cute, someone must have bottled some wine for Mr. Lee and made a special label in his honor.” I did a little research and discovered that I was indeed wrong. It’s just a bottle from some winery in South Africa that happens to have a wine named Excelsior. This seems really endearing to me that Stan Lee would be like “Hey, look at that, that bottle has the same name as my catch phrase. I’m gonna get it and display it in my office.”


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