Is Marvel Testing Miles Morales?

If you haven’t heard the two big pieces of news concerning Miles Morales over the past week, then I’d be surprised, but if you don’t know, then Miles Morales will be heading up Spider-Man once Secret Wars concludes, and we’ve got another new Peter Parker back on the silver screen as Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and not, as many have hoped, Miles Morales.

A few months ago, I wrote about why Miles Morales makes as much sense as Peter to don the webs for the silver screen. While I still want to see Miles on the big screen, Eric’s Mind Toilet makes a very good point when it comes to audience recognition; this is a Spider-Man who is appearing in Captain America: Civil War, and in that movie, presumably, there will be very little build up for who the character is and so the audience may be expected to simply know who it is beneath the mask – and if it’s Peter Parker, then by this point even your great aunt Petunia should know who he is.

With the impact that the Civil War story line (temporarily) had on Spider-Man, it stands to reason that they need Peter Parker for this movie, and not Miles Morales. That doesn’t mean that Miles won’t appear on the silver screen, but that there may be at least few years before his first appearance.

miles-morales-1423668219Where the wait will be significantly smaller, however, is in the regular Marvel Universe – the 616. Miles Morales will be heading up his own 616 title beginning once Secret Wars ends . This marks the first time he’s headed up his own title in the regular Marvel Universe, although Miles did star in his own comic book for several years over in the Ultimate Universe. The Ultimate Spider-Man comics used to be a regular on my pull list, and I missed reading about the adventures of Miles Morales when I dropped the title, but I dropped the title because I didn’t like the way the Ultimate Universe was headed and the too-frequent inter issue cross overs, not because of the quality of Miles Spider-Man comics. I just stopped caring about the Ultimate Universe.

Now that he’s coming to the 616 Marvel Universe? It’s going to be awesome.

It’s unlikely I’m the only person who thinks that way, and there might be other Spider-Man fans who simply ignored the Ultimate Universe and never gave Miles a shot. Maybe Marvel is testing the waters with Miles Morales headlining the 616 Spider-Man title – if it performs well on the sales charts and generates the healthy amount of buzz among the comic book community as it should, then maybe we will see Miles Morales swinging through New York on the silver screen sooner than we think.

I don’t mind waiting to see Miles on the big screen anymore as long as his inevitable introduction makes sense, and is written well, neither should you.

7 thoughts on “Is Marvel Testing Miles Morales?

  1. I like miles but I was definitely in the Peter camp for the new film. He is spidey, makes as much sense putting Ben Reilly or kain in the lead. Found the idea of skipping Pete all together insulting, insulting to disregard 60 years of stories for a character that hasn’t even made a decade, and insulting to miles. Miles is the replacement, dealing with that baggage is what makes him miles, making him the first makes no sense, may as well be Peter. I hope he makes it on film. Live action spideyverse tale where garfield (ultimate) is killed and miles replaces, then like in the comics joining the mcu to team up with a very live pete would be awesome

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    1. Yeah; I want to see Miles on screen, but part of his charm was always filling in for Peter, I had though that maybe having Miles appear in Cap 3, and then exploring his origin fully (including the bits with Peter) in a solo film would work.

      I think now, that we need Peter prior to ever seeing Miles, especially if Civil War plays out how it did in the comics.


      1. Agreed, Miles is a great character, but no need to rush him, Im sure his time will eventually come to shine, and I hope Peter doesn’t have to die for it to happen, there are currently 2 spidermen in the marvel universe, fighting alongside each other, here’s hoping the MCU can achieve the same 🙂

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  2. I was hoping for a Miles Spidey myself. Part of the reason being is that I feel that the last two versions of cinema Spider-Man have only been okay. I was ready for them to really shake things up and be forced to be imaginative and not just rely on decades of lore. But if another Peter Parker is what we have then I am going to be fully supportive, with maybe a slight bit of hesitation.
    On a side note, I am thrilled with the direction the comic Spidey is going. Seems Peter is ready to step aside because of his family (the end of issue 1 of Renew Your Vows was very telling). So teaming Peter and Miles together seems brilliant.

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