Ben Affleck Directing The Next Batman Film Is A Good Thing

Rumours are beginning to circulate of a Ben Affleck directed Batman movie by the end of 2018.

If this is true, that’s very exciting news.

I say that now, but when I first heard about Ben Affleck taking over from Christian Bale (who I thought was an amazing Batman), I almost choked. Not figuratively, I actually almost choked on my food. It was the worst comic book movie news I had heard in a long time. I turned into Nerd Hulk; it would be disastrous, Affleck’s Batman would make Batman and Robin look like The Dark Knight, didn’t they remember Daredevil?

Then I thought about it.

It wasn’t an overnight conclusion (I wish it was), but I realized that Affleck wasn’t the colossal waste of talent I used to take him for, but a talented actor that had been unfortunately typecast into a role that I wasn’t a fan of. Because I wasn’t a fan of most of Affleck’s films, I stopped watching almost anything involving him. I was very vocal about how awful Affleck would be as Batman, how he’d ruin it all. Then I remembered how much I enjoyed The Town, and that maybe, just maybe he’d do okay. After all, Bruce Wayne is an arrogant rich white man, and Affleck can play arrogant very well. He was also pretty good in Smokin’ Aces, and Daredevil wasn’t horrible. I actually quite enjoyed it.

Then I realized (finally) that Affleck was going to be awesome.

A new Batman movie is almost inevitable, but if we really are getting a new Batman movie by the end of 2018, and more importantly if Ben Affleck really will be starring in and directing it, then I couldn’t be happier. Ben Affleck is a fantastic director; even during the height of my Anti-Affleck days, I would always claim the movies he  was behind the camera on were great.

I can’t wait to see what he does both as Batman, and with him as a director.

3 thoughts on “Ben Affleck Directing The Next Batman Film Is A Good Thing

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