Some Thoughts On The Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer

Released this weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, the latest trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice is available now for public consumption, and I’ve posted it below for those of you who’ve yet to see it.

I’ve watched this twice now, and aside from what seems to be the possibility of yet another take on Batman’s origin, what I took away from it was that Ben Affleck was absolutely the right choice. Knock me down with a feather, because for the first time in years, I am planning on going to see a movie with Ben Affleck in it at the theater, and I am very excited about it. I’m even more excited about him getting his hands on the directors chair for the 2018 Batman film – which was also confirmed at SDCC.

I’m officially a Batffleck convert.

3 thoughts on “Some Thoughts On The Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice Trailer

  1. I’m on board for Affleck, but not really digging the way the movie looks as a whole. I don’t think Zak Snyder is the right choice for a Superman movie of any kind, I”m not down with them changing Batman’s origin story (which seems to be what’s happening here), and I have no idea what Wonder Woman is doing there – she feels very out of place.

    I am very hesitantly looking forward to it. I’m not expecting it to be very good. I’m much more interested in the Affleck written/directed Batman movie.


    1. Yeah; I’m super excited for Affleck as Batman, but I really haven’t looked into the plot of BvS at all; aside from the trailer, I’m trying to go in as spoiler free as I can… that being said, I don’t think we need another origin story for Batman.


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