The Down Side To Comic Block

I’ve received the first two Comic Blocks from May and June, and I also have one coming in July. Unless there’s something astonishing in the July box, then it will be my last.

Although Comic Block hasn’t disappointed me in terms of value, in fact every comic I’ve received so far has been a #1 issue, and most of them were variant issues. While the comic themed collectibles have been largely forgettable, the t-shirts I’ve received have also been very good (May) and excellent (June), and whether it’s the style of shirt I ordered or whether the company have switched to a new t-shirt distributor, the material is fantastic.

So why am I cancelling my subscription to Comic Block?

Well, it’s down to a fundamental flaw that I’ve noticed with Comic Block so far that has nothing to do with its value or quality. Each of the comics that have been in the block were already released up to two or three months before the block was received, which runs the risk that you’ll be getting a comic you’ve already purchased, or if that isn’t the case, it can make finding the next issue much harder. I’ve yet to receive a comic in the Block that I already own – the closest that has happened was the Groot #1 comic that I had in my hand at my Local Comic Shop a month or two before the variant issue came in June’s Comic Block (that I still haven’t read yet).  Still, the delay in the issue coming out and the block being received has been at least a couple of months for many of the comics included in the blocks, which can make completing the story harder than necessary.

If receiving complete stories are what you’re looking for in a mystery subscription box, then an alternative is Comic Bento. This subscription box will send out five graphic novels a month, centered around a certain theme. Whilst the Comic Block  website does state the possibility of receiving a graphic novel in the block, there wasn’t one in the first two months – indeed the veiled hint of one for July was the main reason I choose to cancel after receiving three blocks.

As a comic book fan who regularly visits my Local Comic Shop, the comics within the monthly Comic Block probably aren’t the best way for me to discover new series. Which is a shame, because I have really liked the t-shirts that came in each block. Aside from Comic Bento, there is another comic book sbscription box out there: Comic Boxer. Comic Boxer seems to send only comic books, and  nothing else, but I’ve never received a box from them so I can’t comment on the quality of the contents.

I’m going to miss my Comic Block subscription, but surprisingly enough not because of the comics. I’ll miss the t-shirts and the fun of getting something in the mail, but at the end of the day unless July’s box is something incredibly special, I won’t be renewing my subscription.

If that changes, well, you’ll see a review in August.

6 thoughts on “The Down Side To Comic Block

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