Spotlight: Rose #1

rose1Rose #1 reminds me in the very best way of a collection of newspaper style strips. This first issue is more an anthology of Rose stories; most come in at around a page, but there are several that are just three panels in length. This is very much a family friendly comic, and fans of the original Archie comics will feel right at home as you read the stories included in this first issue.

Crafted with a very Australian flavour to the stories, Rose #1 is brilliant. 

The individual stories within this issue take place across various periods of Rose‘s life, from childhood to young adulthood, and focus on the characters love of food, family, friends and the odd animal, and the innocent mischief she gets into when pursing those things. Written and drawn by  Cameron Davis, the stories within Rose #1 are structured in such a way that you’re able to pick the comic up, read a few strips and set it down again. It’s innocently good natured fun that had me laughing more times than I would have expected, and it’s well worth taking the plunge and picking the first issue up.

Make no mistake, this is not going to drag you through a twisting story, but that’s not the point of Cameron Davis’ comic.

This is an ideal comic to read either once you’ve just woken up and you want to start your day with a smile, or you need to unwind after work, or a particularly stressful day, with a comic that doesn’t require you to follow multiple plot threads through seven shades of grim story telling across three different series. Rose #1 may not be the next Secret Wars, but to compare the two is to get as much chalk and cheese as you possibly could. No, what Rose is is a fun comic that anybody can enjoy and relax too, and it’s one of the best that I’ve read.

If you’re intrigued and want to pick up a copy of Rose #1, the issue will set you back $3.99 US for a print issue which you’ll be able to track down at select stores this week; Comickaze in the USA and Junkys, Ace Comics and Minotaur in Cameron Davies’ native Australia. Digital copies are also available, and for $1.99 US then it is well worth the price of admission. The digital copies, available now, will also be much easier for most people to find, and you can find them at and

If you’re looking for a fun comic that will give you quick hit stories, and make you laugh, grab Rose #1.

Cameron Davis provided a FREE copy to cover.
The above links give no benefit to this blog, but will help you track a copy down. 


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