Review: Batman #43

b43 Scott Snyder has become one of my favourite writers to ever have control of the Dark Knight, and when he’s working with Greg Capullo, I can’t get enough of the comics they create. I haven’t read a bad comic from these two, and Batman #43 is no exception to that.

Killing Batman at the end of issue #40 was, for me, simply genius. It was a fantastic end to a pretty dark and amazing Joker story.

Ever since Bruce Wayne reappeared at the end of issue #41, fans have been wondering just how he was able to survive Batman‘s death in the issue before. After two issues, we finally get an explanation as Alfred walks another through what has happened to the now bearded former Batman.

As far as comic books go, this is actually a pretty good explanation.

Now you may have guessed, but I’m not going to go into any detail here regarding the explanation; if you’re going to read the comic you’ll find out, if not then you probably don’t care enough anyway; however I’d recommend that if you’re at all curious, then Batman #43 is worth checking out.

Scott Snyder was really on point this issue, with his dialogue between characters really highlighting the chnge in the status quo of the characters.The way in which he had Alfred really exploring his relationship with Bruce Wayne, and his feelings about what has transpired was the highlight of the comic for me. The new villain gracing the cover, Mr Bloom, is an interesting proposition, and the way in which Greg Capullo has illustrated this issue provided (for m at least) a sense of foreboding in regards to further chapters in this probably lengthy story.

There wasn’t as much screen time for the latest Batman in the issue, rather than focusing on Jim Gordon Scott Snyder paid a bit more attention to Bruce Wayne, but I felt that actually worked in the favour of Batman #43. Between the two comic books currently featuring the (formerly) Caped Crusader as the lead Scott Snyder‘s Batman is the one that has me rushing to the comic shop each month to read.

This is a solid entry into the next phase of the Batman mythos, and it is well worth reading.

Writer: Scott Snyder Artist Greg Capullo
Story: 8 Art: 8 Overall: 8
Recommendation: Buy

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