Comic Bento: The Graphic Novel Subscription Box

Some of you may have been aware that, for a few months at least, I had a subscription to Nerd Block’s newest product Comic Block, and you can find my thoughts on the first three boxes here. While I never had any real problems with the value of the box itself, I was turned away by the fact that I received three comics per box that would usually open a story, but would leave me to purchase the remaining comics in the series to finish the story. I cancelled Comic Block in July, and since then I’ve been eyeing up a couple of other boxes, not really sure whether it was worth getting another mystery box or not.

In the end, I decided to give Comic Bento a try.

Why Comic Bento?

Well, when it comes to comic book specific mystery boxes there was really only a handful out there to choose from (that I’m currently aware of); the aforementioned Comic BlockComic Bento, and Comic Boxer. Don’t get me wrong, there are many great subscription mystery boxes available, but many of them are more broadly geek or nerd themed than specifically comic book themed. If you haven’t heard of Comic Boxer, basically it is a box of just comics without any other items such as  the t-shirts and knick knacks that you’ll find in Comic Block. Although the value certainly seems to be there with both Comic Boxer and Comic Block, the recurring issue of single issue comic and not receiving the full story is also present. Comic Bento sends out full graphic novels each month, and since I wanted a full story to read, then needless to say, Comic Bento was the mystery box I went with.

Comic Bento, much the same as Comic Boxer, has no extraneous items and focuses on just the comics, or graphic novels in this case, and will send you those graphic novels from a variety of publishers each month. Perfect for those who want a full story, like myself.

Shipping on a monthly schedule with a different theme with each box, Comic Bento will set you back about $20 (for the standard month, but longer subscriptions are available at a lower cost per box) plus shipping costs, which really isn’t too bad. Now, obviously, the type of graphic novels you receive may not all be your cup of tea, or you may love each and every one in the box. Ultimately, though, that’s the risk we take with any mystery subscription box. That being said, however, but the value of getting four or five books for $20 or less before shipping is hard to argue with, so needless to say, I’m excited to receive the first box in the mail.

If you’re looking to read full stories, or at least a full graphic novel or four each month rather than single issue comic books from your subscription mystery box, then Comic Bento is definitely something you should check out.

Because the deadline to sign up is around the middle of the month (the 15th), and the box ships at the end of each month, with shipping times factored in, I expect it’ll arrive in the early days of October. So keep an eye on this space; once my first box arrives, I’m bound to have something to say about it.

If you want to check out Comic Bento, click here and use promobento5 to save $5 on the single month, or promobento10 for $10 off the next level up.


This post contains an affiliate link. Which means that if you click on the Comic Bento link and make a purchase, Ramblings Of A Comics Fan’ll receive a percentage of the sale. I do purchase items from this site, so if you do make a purchase through these links then it’ll help support this blog. If not, then no worries!


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