Frank Millar Returns To The Dark Knight


Frank Miller’s 1986 classic The Dark Knight Returns has been hailed as one of the three great graphic novels to emerge from the eighties (Watchmen and Maus being the others), and the slight less well received follow up from the early 2000’s Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again.

The first series, rightly, is hailed as an absolute classic. But does it need another sequel?

Well, regardless of whether we feel it needs another sequel or not, one is on the way. During San Diego Comic-Con this year, DC announced that artists Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson would be joining Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello in bringing to life the final installment of The Dark Knight Returns saga, entitled Dark Knight III: The Master Race the story will bring an epic conclusion to Frank Miller‘s opus.

Taking the form of a new 32 page monthly eight issue series, Dark Knight III: The Master Race has some pretty big shoes to fill.  Each issue in the series contains a special 16-page “Dark Knight Universe” comic showcasing a rotating cast of special guest artists and characters, bringing the page count to a whopping 48 pages.

Co-Publisher for DC  Dan DiDio has said he and Co-Publisher Jim Lee are “pulling out all the stops to deliver an amazing conclusion,” and Andy Kubert has commented that Miller and Azzarello’s story will be nothing short of a “great ride.”

“Any opportunity to work with Frank Miller is a happy occasion for me,” said Klaus Janson. “Add the talents of Brian Azzarello and Andy Kubert to the mix and we have the ingredients to achieve something truly memorable.”

Hopefully this story will be more on the quality level of The Dark Knight Returns  than The Dark Knight Strikes Again, and be the sequel the original deserves. From the outset, there’s certainly a lot included within each issue of Dark Knight III: The Master Race, although at $5.99 an issue, that’s hardly surprising.

Each issue of Dark Knight III: The Master Race will include:

• A 32-page standard format comic book that will measure 6.625” x 10.1875”
• A 16-page mini comic that will be tipped on to an insert and bound into the main comic with no interior ads that will measure 5.5” x 8.375”

After the release of the single issues, it should come as absolutely no surprise to anybody that DC has plans to release a couple of different versions of Dark Knight III: The Master Race as collected editions of the story;  one of which is a volume of the Dark Knight III: The Master Race Collector’s Edition which will collect the both the main story and mini comics as a single 7.0625” x 10.875” title, with both stories presented at the same trim size, the other will be a slipcase edition released sometime in the future.

Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 will hit the racks on November 25th with a price tag of $5.99, and you can expect an array of variant covers for the single issues, as well.

Will you be picking it up as single issues, or will you wait for the trades?

Via Previews.

5 thoughts on “Frank Millar Returns To The Dark Knight

  1. Well, since DC has recently either botched or ended some of my favourite titles I’ll remain carefully neutral for the time being.
    I liked Miller’s Dark Knight-titles so far so I’m hoping for a good third one I don’t see Frank Miller as the genius guaranteeing marvelous work that many people take him for.
    So I’ll let myself be surprised but I’ll certainly wait for a collected edition.

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  2. I’m quite looking forward to this and actually glad that Frank Miller has a strong co-writer because although Batman: Year One and The Dark Knight Returns (haven’t read TDK Strikes Again) are indesputable classics, All-Star Batman was rather shoddy. Andy Kubert teamed up with Klaus Janson is also an exciting prospect.

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