Nickelodeon Enters The World Of Graphic Novels

sacWe all know Nickelodeon as a producer of child friendly television programming, movies and general entertainment for kids. This is something they have been doing for thirty six years, so it’s fair to say that they’re pretty good at it. Now they’re joining with publisher Papercutz to begin releasing graphic novels featuring some of their characters, with content coming from comics originally published in Nickelodeon Magazine.

Nickelodeon‘s first foray into the wonderful world of collected comic books and graphic novels was released on September 222 and was based on the animated series Sanjay and Craig; Sanjay and Craig: Fight the Future With Flavor is a 52 page adventure that follows Sanjay and his pet snake Craig as they live for friends, cheesy movies and hot wings. Future releases will include graphic novels featuring comics of other Nickelodeon cartoons   Breadwinners, available on November 17, along with Harvey Beaks and Pig Goat Banana Cricket, set for release early next year.

With Papercutz being the only publisher exclusively dedicated to publishing children’s graphic novels, this is a pretty great partnership formed here, and these publications should help foster a love of comics in kids that will hopefully only continue to grow.

“[Nickelodeon Magazine] is not only a great way for kids to discover the imaginative wonders of graphic novels, but also serves as an introduction to some fantastic Nickelodeon characters,” noted Papercutz Editor-in-Chief Jim Salicrup. “Nickelodeon has always been known for creating great comic material and we’re proud to continue that tradition with our new publications.”

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