Things I Learned While at Disney World. 

Recently my wife and I embarked on a trip to Disney World, and while I was initially skeptical of the trip, I was looking forward to visiting a place I’d never been too before, even if we had planned to stay within the park grounds (which are roughly the size of San Francisco, or double the size of Manhattan) as opposed to exploring other areas of Florida. Below you’ll find a few observations of our time in Disney World, and maybe a few useful tidbits of knowledge.

– it’s actually called Walt Disney World (so people will never forget whose dream it was). I never knew that.
– it is perfectly okay for a 30 year old man to get excited to meet a favourite character from your childhood, and then half run into a hug from Baloo. Don’t judge me.
– if you live in Canada (or any place that has temperatures that get Cold), then be prepared to sweat. A lot.
– bring double the amount of undergarments, t-shirts and socks that you think you’ll need. And probably shorts. It’s hot, and a change of clothes may be welcome.
– you won’t need pants/trousers if you go down in October time, but depending on temperatures in the winter you may want to think about taking more than shorts.
– they clean everything. Seriously. You could eat off the ground.
– be prepared for crowds, but don’t be surprised if they’re not as bad as you think.
– it’s hot.
– there’s nothing quite like hearing Mickey say “glad you could make it!” when you meet him in person.
– pay attention to EVERYTHING.
– the characters are funny. Especially Gaston.
– you will wait in line for something at some point.
– a typical Disney day is made up of one part waiting, three parts magic, one part sweat, two parts walking.
– you will walk a lot.
– you will wait a lot. And wait.
– you will not be able to do everything, no matter how much time you have.
– there are parades all the time. For no reason. It’s fantastic.
– fireworks actually work during the day, but the ones at night are spectacular.
– spend time before you go planning your trip. Familiarize yourself with the park layouts, and where certain characters will be. Take note of the closing times for each park, and when they open.
– there is nothing as magical as being among the last people in the Magic Kingdom.
– you will be tired.
– all the planning you’ve done will, at some point fall apart. Just go with it.
– spend time in each park (but if you have to choose just one, choose Magic Kingdom).
– watch a few Disney movies before you go.
– take portable phone chargers and spare batteries with you.
– there is wifi everywhere, which is awesome when you’re standing and waiting.
– you can’t buy everything you want, and you’ll want to buy a lot.
– food portions are HUGE. My wife and I would often share a meal between us.
– the dining plan is worth the price, especially if you want to attend character meals.
– everybody, and I mean everybody, is super nice.
– you will never see a fireworks display quite like the ones at Walt Disney World. You will see more  at Disney than you’ll usually see in a year.
– it is, simply put, a magical place to be.
– you will stand and wait. A lot.
– invest in some comfortable shoes. Reebok running shoes served me very well.
– the My Disney Experience app is invaluable, and helps you plan your day out.
– although a bit more pricey, staying on resort allows you to easily bounce between park and hotel and back again to avoid the midday heat. It’s convenient and you avoid the parking lots/car parks.
– the buses and transportation system are awesome.
– you will stand and wait for the buses, but not for as long as you’d think.
–  you will leave exhausted. Happy, but exhausted.
– you will want to go again.

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2 thoughts on “Things I Learned While at Disney World. 

  1. Anonymous

    My Grandpa was 72 when he agreed to go with us because my grandma wanted him to. He thought it was just for kids until we got there…He loved it. It’s one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. He loved all the detail, from the name tags that told where all the workers are from, to how clean things were , to all the hidden Mickeys.


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