Does The End Of Secret Wars Still Matter?

I haven’t been reading Marvel’s Secret Wars summer event series aside from the first issue (although that came from a Comic Block), Old Man Logan, and the odd one shot comic, so I’ve only been partially aware of the myriad delays that have affected the series. With the delays, an additional comic being added on to the now nine issue series, and the fact that the post Secret Wars comic have already begun to launch, does it matter at this point what happened (or happens) in the remaining issues?

Well aside from hopefully clearing up a few continuity issues, the last three issues – when they do come out – should tie up an event that by all accounts has been a fairly decent story.

Although I haven’t really been involved with this event, I can’t say that I’m not disappointed by the way in which the delays are impacting Marvels relaunch that should have tied in with the end of Secret Wars. The length of the delays have pushed back the original release dates of the remaining three issues in the main event by upwards of a month (or up to three if Marvel opts to go with an issue a month, although that seems unlikely). I never like seeing a story rushed because of deadlines, and if the remaining issues in Secret Wars need the time for the creative team to pull everything together, then so be it, but with the main Universe Altering Story being delayed, shouldn’t the after effects be delayed a little, too?

My reasons for not reading Secret Wars as it was published were (and are) simple – I didn’t want to start reading an event comic that would end up being lackluster, especially if the big changes promised turned out to be pretty minor at the end of the day. On top of that, I figured I’d get the gist of what I needed to know from any recap pages in the front of the new series or from the interwebs so I wouldn’t need to read the individual comics as they came out; I could either wait for the trade paperback collection or read it on  Marvel Unlimited when it turned up there. The point being that for me, and probably many others, Secret Wars was a means to a new beginning; I knew that when the All New All Different Marvel would launch in October I would only have a passing knowledge of how it came about because (and I may be wrong here) I always saw Marvel’s summer event as the joining of the old and the All New.

At the end of the day, the delays that have caused Secret Wars to miss release date after release date have, for whatever reason, happened and Marvel chose not to delay the All New All Different relaunch. To me that means that the end of Secret Wars isn’t as important as what comes next – after all why try and gather new readers with a relaunch if you require them to have read nine issues of a summer event in order to understand and enjoy the publishers new round of comics.

Does that mean that with all the delays pushing Secret Wars past the new comics launching now that the last few issues of the series are now irrelevant?

No, it doesn’t. Secret Wars was always going to be a bridge between the old Marvel Universe and the All New All Different Marvel, something that would bring existing readers over to the newly launched series that Marvel hoped would be attracting a flood of new readers to their comics whilst as well as encouraging existing fans to check out something they otherwise wouldn’t. Whether you do pick up new comic series that interests you or if you just continue reading the same Marvel comics you were reading is entirely up to you, but myself I may check out one or two new comics, but for the most part my Marvel pull list won’t change all that much.

If you’re one of the many who have been reading and enjoying Secret Wars, bear with it. We may have a good idea of what will happen with the ending of the story, but that doesn’t mean you should just stop reading it. Just because the end of Secret Wars may not have the impact that it was originally meant to have, but that doesn’t mean that it’s irrelevant.

I’m not reading the series, yet, but if you are then don’t give up on it.


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