Underrated: Ongoing Comics II

After the last Underrated post, I got to thinking that there are some very good comic books out there that aren’t quite getting the attention they deserve. So I asked myself, I said “self, are there any comics out there that you feel are, for whatever reason, somewhat underrated?”

And seeing as it had been awhile since I last asked myself that question, I figured there’d be some new faces on the list. 

A few things before we start; firstly, these comics are all currently being published in an ongoing series. Secondly, I’ve got eclectic taste so these may not be for everybody so be prepared for some potentially foolish claims. Thirdly, this isn’t a complete, or inclusive, list and it is completely subjective.

X-O Manowar

Look it’s no secret that I’m a fan of comics published by Valiant, but this series about a man out of time who is in possession of the most powerful weapon on he planet is fantastic. Originally I scoffed at the idea of X-O Manowar but then I picked up issue #38. The series is just starting a new arc with issue #43, and coming off an incredible four part story, I can’t wait to see what’ next. Highly, highly worth your time and money.

Hero Hourly

Although only one issue in, this new series from new publisher 21 Pulp is fantastic. Set in a world where superheroes are basically rent-a-cops for minimum wages, this is a fun take on the superhero trope, and the wait between issues already feels much longer than the 30 days.

Howard the Duck
A recurring entry from the last time Underrated: Ongoing Comics was posted, this series just started with a new #1 issue after Marvel’s Secret Wars event.  The same creative team are back, and writer Chip Zdarsky hasn’t lost any of his dry wit with this book. A highlight for me whenever I get to read it.

The Paybacks

The Paybacks are a super team of repo men and women (and yetis) sent in collect on the debts that superheroes owe. It’s violent, funny and just plain fun. One of Dark Horse‘s best right now.

Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior

The Eternal Warrior has become one of my favourite characters in comics today. This solo series follows him after the events of Valiant’s Book Of Death event story line. The first issue was really good, and set up what promises to be one hell of a ride. Also, it’s another Valiant book, and they are – pound for pound – the best publisher going right now.


There we have it – a handful of underrated comic books currently being published. Are there other comic books out there that are, for whatever reason, underrated and under-appreciated?


Because of that, Underrated will return to highlight more comic book related stuff  that either gets ignored despite it’s high quality, or maybe isn’t quite as bad as we tend to think it is.

Until next time!


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