So The New Star Wars Just Hit Theaters…

I’m sure you’re well aware that the new Star Wars movie, The Force Awakens, came out this past weekend. To be honest, I don’t subscribe to the hype and excitement that others have been wept up in. The Force Awakens has been a hot subject around the water cooler lately, and while I’ll certainly see it, I’m staying away from much of the online discussion from this point on (which is near impossible without removing yourself from the internet, and, as you can see I haven’t done that).

The early reports are in that the movie isn’t terrible,  yet for some reason I remain cautious of the movie’s quality.

Y’see, the first Star Wars movie I ever saw in the theater was The Phantom Menace, and that kind of let down stays with you. Yes, the remaining movies in the Prequel Trilogy did get better, but by then the damage had been done; my first impression of Star Wars in a movie theater had been irrevocably tainted.

Needless to say, despite the furor surrounding the new movies, I’m trying to remain cautiously optimistic.

But do I need to be? Should I just accept that I’m starting to shake with excitement and a burning desire to see the film yesterday?

All the reports I’ve been hearing from friends, both online and off, has been overwhelming positive.  Maybe the new fans of the new generation won’t be hit with the same devastating let down that my generation was hit with when we saw the Phantom Menace in the theater only fifteen years ago, and so whilst I genuinely hope the new set of movies are as great as we all want them to be, I also think that there’s a great chance that the movies will meet expectations (which, let’s be honest, are beyond astronomical at this point).

Although my inner child, the kid that was terribly let down by The Phantom Menace, wants to avoid The Force Awakens for fear of history repeating itself. But my inner adult wants to flip history the bird and go running to the theater because,well, Star Wars.

And since the inner adult pays the bills…



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