Review: Howard The Duck #3

howard the duck 3The entire universe is after Howard! Is it because he’s very handsome? Charming?  Yes! No, wait. Of course not. Sorry. Howard is actually very difficult to be around sometimes. Also, it’s hard to tell if he’s handsome since he’s a duck. Join Chip & Joe for … DUCK HUNT! The storyline created just so we could use that title! Plus the conclusion of the Howard/Gwenpool backup!

We’re back with Howard again, after the second issue’s touching look at the origins of the gender altered clones of Howard and Rocket RaccoonLinda and Shocket. And, as i usually the case with this series, it’s exactly what I hoped.

Howard The Duck is one of the most entertaining comic book series being published right now, and as you may have noticed from the glowing reviews and praise I heap onto the title. I’m an unashamed fan of this series, and if you want a fun comic, then you should be reading it as well.

Why, you’re probably asking?

Well I’ve said for several issues now that writer Chip Zdarsky isn’t afraid to take subtle pot shots at the All-New relaunched numbering, and the Marvel Universe in general, but he does it in a way that never feels malicious. There’s a dry humour here that I love, and while some of the jokes don’t always make me laugh out loud, I’m usually smiling to myself a couple of times an issue (case in point Howard‘s description of space travel). On top of the the story is engaging with enough of an emotional twinge to it to make you genuinely care about the characters.

Joe Quinones artwork suites this comic perfectly, his facial expressions on the anthromorphic animals are fantastic, as he gives a sense of innocent simplicity to the series that helps the comic distance itself somewhat from the tonally darker stories that had been taking place in the Marvel Universe without being expresly aimed at younger readers. This is a fun comic, but not one you’d give to a younger reader, unlike Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur.


This issue also features the conclusion to the backup Gwenpool strip, and while I enjoyed it for what it was, I’m not going to miss it next issue so long as the price drops back to the $3.99. The strip was anything but filler, but I think this is  character that will only work when paired with certain Marvel heroes (Moon Knight, for example, would probably prove a disaster), and even then I think only in small doses.

When all is said and done, there have been some great comics released this week, and for me, this ranks right up there among the best.

Writer: Chip Zdarsky Artist: Joe Quinones & Joe Rivera
Story: 9.5 Art: 9.25 Overall: 9.5 Recommendation: Buy

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