Thought Of The Day: Comics Teach You Patience.

In the modern world where information and entertainment is coming at you faster than ever before, thanks largely to the proliferation of the miniature computers in our pockets and purses (remember when a mobile/cell phone was just a phone? It’s been awhile, eh?), there is still a medium that encourages it’s readers to have patience while at the same time trying to ramp up anticipation month by month.

Comic books.
Comic books by their very nature encourage patience in their readership. Whether you buy the monthly issues or wait for a trade paper back collecting a story, one thing is certain: you will wait. With a month between most issues of a comic book series, although there are some released more frequently than once a month, and upwards of six months or more from between the release of the first issue in a story arc and the day when the trade paper back is finally released,  there is always some form of waiting required if you’re a comic book reader.

That also doesn’t include those days where inclement weather may prevent you from making it to your  comic shop, or a power outage may delay your ability to download a digital comic. Now admittedly not everybody lives in a country where the cold alone will close businesses, or the snow will fall so heavily against your door you can’t open it, but there are other factors involved that could prevent you getting your hands on your comics (although this can, and does, apply to more than just comics), but either way the result is the same; a longer wait before the next twenty five-ish page installment in a favourite story.


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