All-New Wolverine Or Old Man Logan?

In the past two or three months, we’ve had a two new solo comic book series launched featuring a clawed mutant; All-New Wolverine and Old Man Logan. Comparisons will inevitably be drawn between the two eventually, but as it stands, with only one issue of the latter out (as of this writing), despite my feelings on the rest of the All-New Wolverine‘s issues, I feel it’s a bit too early to compare anything but the first issues of each series.

And you know what? Both are fantastic in their own way.

allnewwolverine1All-New Wolverine #1 is a great start to a comic book series; opening with a pretty clear statement that Laura Kinney is now Wolverine, is a brilliant way to introduce new readers to an entirely new kind of Wolverine. She’s all new, and this is a pretty explosive jumping on point for readers. I really enjoyed the first issue; it was a fantastic comic that had the right amount of punch, and it left readers with plenty of promise for the rest of the series.

For my money, it was the best comic featuring Wolverine released in some time. The best comic, that is, right up until Old Man Logan #1 hit the racks in January this year.

Old Man Logan #1
 was everything I had been missing about Wolverine since long before he died. Before he lost his powers, too. Here we had a return to the tragic, savage, noble warrior that had drawn me into comics some fifteen years ago. The issue felt like a home coming to me in a way that I never expected it too. It was, without question, the best single issue Wolverine comic I had read in years, indeed I don’t remember the last comic that had the old canucklehead in it that I enjoyed as much as this one.

Old-Man-Logan-1-2016No matter how each series progresses, whether it continues to wow me as the first issue did, the first issue of both series will always have a place within my collection.

Whether Old Man Logan stays as my favourite comic book as the series progresses, or it gradually looses me like All-New Wolverine did, the opening chapters of each series are fantastic. And you know what? Laura Kinney‘s comic is doing fantastically well in the sales charts, and my own feelings aside, it has been reviewed very well – the series just wasn’t for me, and I’m okay with that. Old Man Logan may not be for you, either, but there’s every chance you’ll enjoy All-New Wolverine.

This is a very exciting time for Wolverine  comics, after the year or so that we had none after James Howlett‘s death (technically he’s still dead, too). We’ve had more than a year away from the character, with Marvel only starting the solo comics again post Secret Wars. An entire year to get past our Wolverine Burn Out and become excited to read the character’s stories again, whether it’s Old Man LoganLaura Kinney, or both.

If you were expecting me to tear one of the two first issues apart, well, obviously I haven’t done that. The truth is is that they’re both great first issues, and while Old Man Logan #1 may be the best Wolverine comic for me out of the two, that doesn’t mean that All-New Wolverine #1 isn’t any good. It is. It’s very good.

I just didn’t think it was as good as Old Man Logan #1.


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