throwback tales from the longbox: Superman vol.2 #75

Where were you when Superman died? It’s a question answered in this piece that was initially posted almost a year ago.

I encourage you to give it a read.

the Epic grail


“Where were you the day Superman died?”

It was Wednesday November 18th 1992. I will never forget that day. I was ten years old and going with my mom on my regular trip to my local comic store and there was a much bigger crowd than usual. I remember asking her “What do you think is going on Mom?” Of course she didn’t have a reply. Large lines of fans and spectator alike mobbed the store. I asked the clerk what rush was and he said “Didn’t you hear?” He took a long pause and said to me Supermandied.”

I looked back in utter shock. With the large eyes of a ten-year old boy, whose world just came crashing down like the rocket hurdling down from Krypton itself. I couldn’t believe it. I ran to the shelf and there were just a few copies left. In my haste I…

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