Review: No Mercy #9

Elana Levin over at Graphic Policy has a fantastic review of No Mercy #9 from Image. It’s a powerful comic, and it more than stands alone (I’ve only read #9 in the series), and Elana is far more eloquent in her review than I could ever be.

Graphic Policy

nomercy09_cvrThis is the most powerful issue of a comic you will read this month. It actually can stand alone if you haven’t read the series, because it’s that good and complete.

No Mercy features the only trans male character in a mainstream comic currently. The ONLY one. Issue 9 is a flashback that tells a pivotal part of that character’s past.

No Mercy is the story of a group of Princeton bound teens going on one of those “build schools in Central America to make yourself and your resume feel better” trips. And then their bus goes over a cliff. Literally. The series shows what happens next to each of the teens.

#9 is a flashback issue focused on the aforementioned trans male character, Sebastian. Sebastian, who we’ve known as Charlene up till this point, is twins with the abusive Chad. He introduces himself as Sebastian for the first…

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