Emilia Clarke Doesn’t Owe Us Her Body

Elana Levin had a fantastic article posted to Graphic Policy a couple days ago on nudity and context in the season 6 premiere. Check it out at the link below. 


One thought on “Emilia Clarke Doesn’t Owe Us Her Body

  1. Although I haven’t watched season 6 yet (I always record and binge-watch when the season’s complete), I must say – although I generally liked the article – I think I interpret the described scene somewhat differently.

    Firstly, having been in Africa and the Arabian East a lot, I know the feeling of the “brown” men threatening to sexually assault the while girl. BUT, first of all, the scene does make sense in the context of the story. Whether or not is a good scene or story is another thing but not the point.

    I think it’s a bit misleading to mix the character and the actress. Any women threatened with sexual assault wouldn’t “like the idea”, no woman wants to get naked without her consent. So naturally the character wouldn’t exactly look all that happy about the prospect. I’d be more angry if she did.

    On the other hand it doesn’t really make the actress uncomfortable to play a scene such as this since she’s well aware how the scene will play out and that she won’t get naked if she hasn’t agreed to it.

    Now, I think it was actually toying with the viewers the other way around. Like it’d be saying “Yes, we’re threatening to rip her clothes of and show her naked but we and you know she has rejected any nude scenes for season 6 so it’s not going to happen! Joke’s on you, audience!”

    It was, in my opinion, actually making fun of all the members of the audience who would even consider nude scenes by Emilia Clarke and reason to watch or not watch the show. Any member of the audience who might think they “deserve” any nude scenes by anyone. I guess since I’m straight and like men it doesn’t matter to me at all that she won’t get naked anymore, so … I’m okay with it! 😉

    Of course no actress owes the audience her body. Same goes for actors of course but a) lucky for me Game of Thrones doesn’t have any hot guys I want to see naked and b) of they did I’d request that Thor be naked all the time!

    The entire show has a sexist and somewhat misogynistic feel to it – at least at times – but that doesn’t bother me so much because in the universe the show is set and the overall story … well, I buy it.

    I didn’t even notice there was any sort of “outrage” at Emilia Clarke not wanting to have any more nude scenes so I’m more surprised it’d be even an issue with anyone. To me it’s fairly simple: She doesn’t want to do them anymore, so she doesn’t. Over and out, nothing left to say, nothing to argue about.

    It’s her right and that’s the end of it!

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