After Twenty Years, I’m Finally Going To A Con

Yup. It’s almost funny for me to admit, really. I’ve been a comic lover for more than twenty years, and yet I have never been to a convention. Much of that can be attributed to being too young to even know what a convention was, or simply not knowing when and where they were happening.

I never worried too much about, honestly, but over the last year I’ve found that I’ve been feeling the itch to go hang out at a con. So this weekend (tomorrow, by the time this post goes live) I’ll be on my way to my first convention – complete with a handful of comics in hand to (hopefully) get some signatures on.

Should be fun.


4 thoughts on “After Twenty Years, I’m Finally Going To A Con

  1. Wow your first ever Con, enjoy it man! I love going to conventions and we always have a lot in my area of the UK, was lucky enough to meet the creator of The Crow last year and came away with a very cool sketch by him. It’s amazing meeting all those iconic creators, the most amiable of all the artists and writers I have met is definitely Watchmen’s John Higgins, an absolutely lovely guy, very down to earth (and a Guinness drinker, which is a plus!) He even accepted my Facebook friends request, which was, to me, bloody mind-blowing! You will come back with lots of unique items and sketches guaranteed! 🙂

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