Review: Rai #13

rai_013_coverAs 4001 A.D. teeters on the brink, discover the intertwined origins of New Japan’s very first Rai and his creator, Father – the despotic artificial intelligence that would one day threaten us all. And as the truth behind these long-lost beginnings resurfaces, so too will the questions that have eluded mankind for nearly two millennia. How did New Japan come to orbit Earth? Who created Father? And what happened to the nine previous Rai that once swore allegiance to his empire?

While the story from Rai #12 has carried into Valiant‘s summer blockbuster 4001 A.D.Rai #13 tells the story of the first Rai, set nearly a thousand years into the future (or one thousand years in the past depending on whether you view 4001 A.D. as the future or the present) centuries after New Japan was propelled to the stars. It’s an interesting story, and a must read for fans of Rai that finally reveals the origin of New Japan’s guardian.

Unlike the other 4001 A.D. tie in released last week that I did enjoy, but felt it wasn’t worth picking up if you weren’t going all in on the 4001 A.D. event (like I am), this comic is one you should be reading even if you have no intention of picking up the main event comics.  Matt Kindt delivers more than just an origin story of the first Rai, he explores humanity’s reactions to having everything provided for them by an artificial intelligence. By Father.

Think the Matrix but where the humans are aware that machines are taking care of them.

Powered by some atmospheric artwork by Cafu and colour artist Dave Lanphear this comic is an issue you should treat yourself too if you’re a fan of machine-led science fiction. Rai #13 is a brilliant comic that will stand alone if you’ve only got a fleeting familiarity with RaiValiant and their universe, or if you have no intention of reading the rest of the 4001 A.D. story arc. I presume there will be a second chapter in this tale with Rai #14 and I can’t bloody wait.

Writer: Matt Kindt Art: Cafu Colours: Dave Lanphear
Story: 9 Art: 9 Overall: 9 Recommendation: Buy

Valiant provided Graphic Policy a FREE copy for review. Also posted on Graphic Policy.


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