Thought Of The Day: Do You Ever Pick Up A Comic Based On It’s Cover?

I walked into my local comic shop yesterday with the full intention of grabbing a random comic off the shelf just as I did when I was younger and first getting into comics. Looking for a comic that interested me based purely on the cover was actually pretty tough – not because there weren’t any eye-catching covers, but because I couldn’t get past the idea of not getting part one in whatever story I needed to pick up.

I ended up grabbing an older comic featuring the Thing (a Marvel Two In One, I think) from the dollar bins, which will end up as a Dollar Bin Review at some point, I’m sure.

When was the last time you picked up a comic just because the cover looks cool?


4 thoughts on “Thought Of The Day: Do You Ever Pick Up A Comic Based On It’s Cover?

  1. Puh … it’s certainly been a while for me too.
    First of all I’m like you in that regard (and probably a lot of comic book readers): I want to start with #1.
    It’s the same when it comes to TV shows for me. I never just jump in at some random point. If I read/watch something, I start with the first issue.
    And covers … well …
    Nope, can’t remember the last same I saw a cover of an unknown (to me) comic book that was so intriguing I just had to pick it up. I’ll admit these days I’m rarely at the comic book store so I don’t get to rummage around as much anymore.
    I also don’t think I’d be as easily intrigued anymore either. I mean, even with the comic books I do read, there’s rarely a cover that calls to me.
    So I do definitely know a few covers that have left an impression because in my opinion they were just magically grand but recently?
    No, can’t remember the last time I did.


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