Thought Of The Day: Sod Off, I Like Disney Comics

My wife and I recently came back from a week at Walt Disney World, and when we came back (with an oldish comic with Mickey’s autograph on it because I figured it’d be a fun thing to do) I decided to check out some of the Disney comics that were released in the weeks following our return from Florida. 

Have you ever read the IDW Disney comics? It’s okay if you like them, even if you don’t talk about that too much. In a hobby that has traditionally been relegated to basements and side jokes, comics that reprint the Disney stories from earlier eras are often the side of the hobby that’s quietly hidden away in the kids section at comic shops, if you can find them at all amidst the more typical fare from the more traditional comics published by Marvel, DC, Image, Valiant – and yes, IDW, to name only a few.


The thing is, that despite being released in a sequential numbering, the IDW Disney comics  – at least as far as I can tell, and have read – are typically anthology style collections of short(ish) stories featuring the classic Disney characters. You can honestly pick up any of the comics and get a dose of Disney style fun that you don’t really need to follow along more than one issue at a time, unless you’re a collector and feel the need to own them all. At the end of the day, they’re a blast to read and just enjoy knowing that there’s really no deeper story to pay attention too is quite liberating.

To say they’re usually ignore by  the typical comic fan buying their comics wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Hell, I used to ignore them myself for a long time too, if you want the truth.

Until one day I didn’t. Blame the Donald Duck on my key ring, but one day I grabbed a Donald Duck comic.

And it was great.


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