Of All The Places In All The World…

A few months ago I had lunch in a fantastic place in the middle of almost-nowhere. Aside from a brilliant mixture of English, Texan and Canadian food (I tend to go for the Texan bits of the menu) one of the things I always enjoy is looking through the gift shop attached to the restaurant. There’s an eclectic mix of some pretty awesome stuff there, including an entire spin rack of comics.

Not new comics, mind you, but a really interesting selection of older comics.

The last time we partook of the Kitchen Witch’s hospitality, I spent $20 or so on comics to read without any real intention of procuring a valuable comic from their selection; so when I show you what I picked up, I honestly didn’t know whether I over-paid until I started looking the comics up for this post, but I wasn’t concerned about making money off these: I just thought they were some cool looking vintage comics. All prices come from NewKadia.

So what did I pick up, and did I make any money?

gorgo 20Gorgo #20 (1964) I paid $3

There’s a bit of writing on the back cover, but seeing as how I’m probably going to display this in the bag and board the back will rarely ever be visible. What is visible are the creases on the cover (you can see some of the more obvious creases on the lower left), but I actually think that adds to the vintage feel of the comic. In near mint condition, this will apparently sell for $150. This copy is far from mint, but I think the price I paid was fair.

Crypt of shadows 8Crypt Of Shadows #8 
(1973) I paid  $3

This comic isn’t horrible condition, honestly; there’s no writing on the covers (or inside, as near as I can tell), and while the spine isn’t ideal, either, it’s certainly not as bad as Gorgo  up there. Apparently a near mint condition will set you back $47 dollars or so, but a good copy is worth exactly what I paid for it.

So far, while there’s no hidden gem that I’ll retire on, I didn’t rip myself off, eh?

Chamber of chills 7Chamber Of Chills #7 (1973) I paid  $4

While a near mint copy is worth $44, as you can probably guess this isn’t near mint, but it’s also probably the comic in the best condition from the lot, and probably the one that’s worth a little more than the others – although that’s entirely due to condition than the issue being super rare or anything like that. A decent  find, but ultimately I picked it up based on the cover more than anything else, so that there’s any value to this is entirely a happy accident.

monsters on the prowl 24Monsters On The Prowl #24 (1973)  I paid  $3

Valued at $51 in near mint condition, the copy I have is unlikely to be considered near mint by anybody who has ever seen a near mint comic. That said, it’s probably in at least decent enough condition to fetch $5 if I was incline to part with it, which I’m not – at least not right now. There’s an energy about this cover that I just love, and this is a comic that’ll probably end up on the wall.

ghostly tales #101Ghostly Tales From The Haunted House #101 (1973) I paid  $2

I don’t think I picked this up at the same time as the other four – it’s likely this was a more recent find, but I found it on the same pile as the other four, so it’s gonna be in this list. Another $40 comic in near mint condition, the copy I have is worth a liiiiittle more than I paid for it – maybe a whole dollar more, at most, but ultimately that’s a negligible amount at the end of the day.



When all is said and done, finding these comics (wherever I found them) was more about finding some random old comics in places that I didn’t expect to ever see any. I haven’t done much more than flick through them yet, although I did pop them in new bags and boards, and it’s debatable whether I ever will; I picked these up because I enjoyed the covers and wanted to display them somewhere. Anything beyond that is largely a happy bonus.

I expect at some point I’ll find some more comics in an unexpected place, so at some point this may turn into an irregular feature, but… who knows?

3 thoughts on “Of All The Places In All The World…

  1. That is really cool. An unexpected bonus to a nice meal. I’m a librarian and last year are theme for our summer reading program was superheroes. I went to a couple of local comic shop to ask for any donations they would give us. The teens were getting a comic book in their sign up bags. We got some really old issues. I keep a few odd titles for myself. I never thought about checking the value. Good idea there.

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    1. Yeah, I honestly never picked them up to make any money on them; for me it was all about the cover art (but knowing I that if I were to resell them I would at least break even is cool). Did you write about the superhero summer reading program? I feel like I may have read about it, but I could be wrong.


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