Underrated: Non Superhero Comics II

After reading the first issue of both Johnny Red and Klaus several months ago, I realized that while we often see comic books featuring superheroes, what we don’t see quite as often is non-superhero comics, and so the first version of this Underrated was born. The majority of comic book fans (myself included) tend to gravitate more toward the superhero comics than the non-superhero offerings.  Although superheroes can often be the bread and butter of a publisher’s line, that doesn’t mean the non-superhero comics aren’t worth your time and consideration.

So why don’t we take a look at a handful of non-superhero comics you might want to check out?

A few things before we start; firstly, these comics aren’t going to include any superheroes, or vigilantes, but anything else is fair game. Secondly, I’ve got eclectic taste so these titles may not be for everybody so be prepared for some potentially foolish claims. Thirdly, this isn’t a complete, or inclusive, list and it is completely subjective.

4 Kids Walk Into A Bank
Offensively charming, this series that’s about four young friends who are likely going  to end up robbing a bank (that’s my assumption based solely on the title), but the characterization, the writing, and the way the lettering is utilized combine to create one of the most endearing comic you’ll read all year. At only two issues in, this is just fantastic.

Red Thorn
A story steeped in Scottish mythology, this is an incredibly illustrated tale that is far from my typical wheelhouse, but there’s something about the energy within the comic that just pulls you in. If you’re into mythology and the supernatural side of fiction, then this is a series that you should be on the lookout for.

The Goddamned
Have you ever wondered just how bad the Earth must have been before God told Noah to build an arc? Jason Aaron reimagines that time, and it’s every bit as brutal and awful as you’d expect, but it works very well as a comic book.

When a budding chef discovers he can travel in time, rather than coming up with some scheme to get rich incredibly quickly (you know, like using lottery numbers you know will win) he decides to hunt dinosaurs to use the meat to feed customers in his diner. Voracious is funny, but it’s also a poignant tale about coping with loss and the  If you want to be reminded of why you love comics, read this series.


There we have it – a mere handful of underrated non superhero comics. There are many more non superhero comics that are worth reading, so there’s a good chance there will be a second (or third) part to this list eventually.

In the meantime, Underrated will return to highlight more comic book related stuff  that either gets ignored despite it’s high quality, or maybe isn’t quite as bad as we tend to think it is.

Until next time!

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