Weekly Wrap Up For 8/17’s Comics

Each week there are comics that come out that I just can’t wait to read, and some that I really don’t care about. You can find my reasons for being excited about these comics here.  Now that I’ve read the comics I was excited about, were they as good as I hoped? Were there others that surprised me?

Read on, and find out!

Batman-5Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior #10 (Valiant)
There’s a full review here, but suffice to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the comic.

Batman #5 (DC)
Tom King and David Finch’s Batman is one of the many great things coming from DC post Rebirth, and the tale of the rise and fall of two young heroes has me thoroughly enraptured. Full review here.

Green Lanterns #5 (DC)
Quite possibly one of the most entertaining comics I’ve read all week. This comic runs at a hell-for-leather pace yet never misses a beat when it come to the inner workings of the characters you’re reading about; a fantastic series in every respect.

Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files: Wild Card #5 (Dynamite)
I gotta say that this miniseries has surprised me. I never expect to enjoy the Dresden comics a much as I do – I still prefer the books, but the comics aren’t far off.

Klaus #7 (Boom!)
Oh man, what an ending. This isn’t your typical tale of  Santa Claus, but it’s a very well done take on the early years of the man. Grant Morrison and Dan Mora have done a superb job here – this is well worth picking up in trade when it’s released if you haven’t been reading the series so far.

Superman #5 (DC)
Apparently I’m a Superman fan post Rebirth, which is honestly something I never thought I’d end up saying, but this series has given me a new appreciation of the Man of Steel, and I’m thoroughly enjoying every  page.

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