Weekly Wrap Up: 8/24’s Comics

Each week there are comics that come out that I just can’t wait to read, and some that I really don’t care about. You can find my reasons for being excited about these comics here.  Now that I’ve read the comics I was excited about, were they as good as I hoped? Were there others that surprised me?

Read on, and find out!

Action Comics #962 (DC Comics)
A fantastic ending to the first arc – this is honestly some of the best Superman I have read in a very long time (but then I don’t read much Superman so that doesn’t mean much). The conclusion to the Doomsday fight is fantastic, with the villain feeling like a genuine threat to Superman’s life – which doesn’t happen often. The first five issues in this comic post Rebirth are easily one of the better biweekly titles DC are putting out right now.

Blue Beetle Rebirth #1 (DC Comics)
After five years of not reading any Blue Beetle, this wasn’t bad. A full review will be coming this week.

Conan The Slayer #2 (Dark Horse)
I’m really enjoying the writing in this series – not the plot direction, although that is also very good, but the words that Cullen Bunn is using; his narration style is a throw back to Robert E. Howard’s writing style, and it makes this series so much more entertaining. This is classic Conan at it’s finest.

Faith #2 (Valiant)
I really can’t say enough about how much I’m enjoying this series. 

Generation Zero #1 (Valiant)
A new series from Valiant? Don’t mind if I do.

Kingsway West #1 (Dark Horse) A solid first issue that throws you into the story with little preamble. I enjoy feeling like I’m playing catch up in a new world when said world feels like it’s worth reading about. Greg Pak’s supernatural western looks like it’ll be worth it.

Northguard #1 (Chapterhouse Comics) I really wanted to like this, but something just didn’t click for me. I have a feeling it’s because the comic spins out of the main Captain Canuck series, there’s a lot of back story to the character that in’t really covered here. Agent Northguard is at best a reluctant hero, and at worst an outright dick; I’m sure that there’s a reason for this but it’s not really explored here just yet.


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