A Blast From The Past #32: Oh The Things You Find…

Unlike every previous Blast From The Past which has focused exclusively on photographs of comic book creators, and Walt Disney, there’s something different for you this week. I found these at a charity shop/goodwill a week or two ago, and had a little hit of nostalgia at both the images from the movie, and the way they’d been plastered over the cereal boxes.


But after having a little chuckle at the old images, I took a look at the price tag, and realized that these boxes could be yours for $10 each. There was no bulk price for all four of them, so while $40 for old cereal boxes isn’t anything I’d ever be willing to spend, it was fun to have that little moment of nostalgia.

This likely won’t be the last non-comic photo featured in A Blast From The Past…

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