How Movies Teach Manhood

I came across this Ted Talk from 2012 (I think) in which Colin Stokes explores the impact of media on kids and the importance of positive female and male characters; characters who show the value of teamwork and respecting women. He urges us to seek out movies and TV shows that defy gender stereotypes and shares an easy way to do this with your family. It’s less than 15 minutes, and is well worth your time.

You can check the video out here.


One thought on “How Movies Teach Manhood

  1. rproaudio2015

    This is a very interesting topic. Culturally, there seems to be a growing demand for higher quality entertainment in general. That is coinciding with a desire to see new forms of conflict, and different sorts of character arcs/developments. As this speaker points out, so much has been repetitive in recent pop culture, including gender roles. I think probably new formats are having an effect as well. So many stories no longer have to be told in two hours, but can develop over multiple seasons, demanding more complexity in character. Fortunately this is also resulting in newer (more realistic) representations of all genders. I am a huge fan of the AMC show Halt and Catch Fire, and what I love about this show is the power inversions that occur between the women and the men. It is specifically what draws me in episode after episode because it is a fresh perspective on these roles. Meanwhile Game of Thrones is clearly inverting the War of the Kings in the direction of a War of Queens. I think these changes are ramping up in many places and also potentially harming properties that are retaining the traditional arcs/sterotypes. I am particularly interested in how Wonder Woman will be handled with regards to this topic.


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