Comics To Look Forward To: 9/28

Each week there are comics that come out that I just can’t wait to read, and some that I really don’t care about. And because this is a blog where I talk about comics, I thought why not take a look at some of the comics that I’m excited about this week in alphabetical order so as to avoid obvious favoritism… but there’s always going to be some comics that I just can’t wait to get my hands on more than others.

I’m lazy this week, so no covers…

Action Comics #964 (DC) Superman takes Clark Kent to his fortress of solitude (kinda). If that sounds interesting to you, then you need to read this.

Bloodshot Reborn #17  (Valiant) This is arguably one of the best looking books on the racks today. Fortunately the story is also pretty awesome, as a team of newly antiquated Bloodshots try and defeat the ultimate killing machine. A killing machine that one of the Bloodshots may have a bit of a history with.

Conan The Slayer #3 (Dark Horse) When you think of Conan, violence is often not far away. And this comic has an almost poetic brutality to the fight scenes, which is awesome, but it’s Cullen Bunn’s narration style the has a throwback feel to the pulp novels where Conan first appeared that really pulls me in. I can’t get enough of this series.

Cryptocracy #4 (Dark Horse) A secret society of nine families rule the world in complete secrecy, until somehow their world gets flipped upside down. An ideal tale for those who like a little conspiracy theories in their comics.

Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corps #5 (DC) This is an honest surprise for me. I never used to like Green Lantern, but this series (as well as Green Lanterns) have been one of the highlights post Rebirth for me. I can’t wait for this one.

Paybacks #3 (Heavy Metal Comics) There have been so many great comics released this year, and many of them from publishers other than Marvel and DC. This is one of them. What started out as a brilliant take on super-heroic debt has taken on a new life as the second series kicked off with a question of how far would you go to clear said debt, wrapped up in a brutally funny cast of characters. If you can find this, buy it.

X-O Manowar #50  (Valiant) Well, here we are. The final chapter in the current run of X-O Manowar is promising to be epic, and part of that is the large page count. The breakneck pace of the story so far has been exhilarating, and that nothing has been going well for X-O and his allies when facing the godlike Torment leads me to believe that we’re going to see a sacrifice of some kind this issue.


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