Weekly Wrap Up: 10/5’s Comics

Each week there are comics that come out that I just can’t wait to read, and some that I really don’t care about. You can find my reasons for being excited about these comics here. It was a relatively light week for me this time through, but now that I’ve read the comics I was excited about, were they as good as I hoped? Were there others that surprised me?

Read on, and find out!

aa-8Archer & Armstrong #8 (Valiant) Always a pleasure to read, and this issue was no exception. I have a full review over at Graphic Policy

Black #1 (Black Mask) When a comic where a black teenager gets shot by police in the opening salvo is released, it’s tough not to think of recent events. However, this teenager wakes back up – somehow, he has superpowers. In Black‘s world, unlike the other comic book universes, only people of colour have superpowers. It’s an intriguing prospect, and one the comic just about lives up to. Keep your eyes on this – it’s going to be one hell of a comic

Bloodshot Reborn #18 (Valiant) A great epilogue that doesn’t move the story along. Full review here.

Green Lanterns #8 (DC) A Halloween themed issue where a holiday tie-in doesn’t feel forced. I’m loving this series more and more each issue, and watching the buddy cop routine of the two leads still feels fresh and entertaining after eight issues. There isn’t any deep emotional revelations here, although there is a sense of Earth’s newest Green Lanterns struggling to emerge from their more legendary predecessor’s shadow – which may prove to be a central theme of the upcoming arc.

Harley Quinn #5 (DC) I did a full review of this for Graphic Policy.

Intertwined #1 (Dynamite) Wasn’t a horrible first issue, but it didn’t pull me in like I hoped it would. I may check out the next issue eventually, but I’ll temper my expectations a little next time.

Revolution #2 (IDW) It’s a chaotic issue that focuses on the remaining properties that weren’t present in the first issue. We also get a bit of light shed on some of the questions from last issue, but nothing quite resembling an answer just yet. If nothing else, this is getting me interested in the Transformers comics – and I may delve in once the crossover is done.

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