Weekly Wrap Up: Comics Released 10/12

Each week there are comics that come out that I just can’t wait to read, and some that I really don’t care about. You can find my reasons for being excited about these comics here. It was a relatively light week for me this time through, but now that I’ve read the comics I was excited about, were they as good as I hoped? Were there others that surprised me?

Read on, and find out!

All-Star Batman #3 (DC) Although there were a couple of rough panels where Romita Jr seemed to phone it in a bit, the art otherwise was well suited to the brutal nature of the story. A story that I am thoroughly enjoying. Getting a chance to see Snyder take Batman out of his element has been fantastic, and well worth the $5 I’m spending each month.

hjglc-cv6-dsBritannia #2 (Valiant) Another strong outing for Britannia. I have a full review over at Graphic Policy.

Detective Comics #942 (DC) The finale to Night Of The Monster Men ended strongly, and to be totally honest I enjoyed it far more than I expected to after the first couple of issues. Certainly a tale that will bear a re-read down the road.

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #6 (DC) A cathartic issue where we get to see Hal Jordan take on more Yellow Lanterns than I thought should be possible. It’s a fun, fantastic comic that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Howard The Duck #11 (Marvel) Well here it is – the final issue of Howard the Duck ever (for now, anyway). Unfortunately, it’s not ending on a strong note. The last couple of issues have lost the subtlety that I loved about Zdarsky’s earlier Howard comics, and instead this reads like a Saturday morning cartoon on crack. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s just not how I liked my Howard the Duck.

Kill Or Be Killed #3 (Image) Highly recommended.

Moon Knight #7 (Marvel) This was just so…  I don’t want to say a waste of money, but there were far better comics released this week. I know this series has been getting rave reviews since it’s relaunch, but it’s just not clicking for me. Once this arc is done, so am I.

Old Man Logan #12 (Marvel)* If you want to look at a great piece of comic book art, then look here. The layouts, the colours… everything is just so well done that it’s worth buying his comic just for the art alone. Luckily, the story is also worth reading too.

Revolution #3 (IDW) A crazy good crossover that came out of nowhere for me. Why aren’t you reading this?

Wrath Of The Eternal Warrior #12 (Valiant) Much to my disappointment, the rumour I’d heard regarding this series cancellation is true. After this phenomenal issue, we’ve only got two left. Hopefully the series will end on a strong note, because this issue was awesome (full review at Graphic Policy).

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