Weekly Wrap Up

I wasn’t able to read as many comics as I wanted this week (my stack of unread comics is still fairly large because I picked up an actual book to read this week). But, I did get through a few so… the question nobody cares about; what did I think?

conan-the-slayerBloodshot USA #1 (Valiant) There’s a full review of this over at Graphic Policy, but this is a great start to Valiant’s latest miniseries.

Conan The Slayer #4 (Dark Horse) This is just so, so good. The art is fantastic, and Cullen Bunn has such a great grasp on the character that his writing could easily fit the pulp novels of Conan’s origin.

Detective Comics #943 (DC) As expected after the recent death of an ally, this issue doesn’t shy away from the emotional repercussions that would result from such a loss. I have to say that the new, more human, Batman is a welcome sight – and seeing his emotional struggle, and the pillar of strength that is Batwoman, is going to be an interesting ride. Plus, the new villains look awesome.

Generation Zero #3 (Valiant) Visually this is a totally different style of comic than the previous two in the series. It’s solid, and worth checking out – there’s a full review over at Graphic Policy if you’re interested.

Mycroft #3 (Titan) If there was ever any doubt that both Holmes brothers are lovable dicks, then his comic should remove it. Mycroft Holmes is every bit as smart as his more famous brother, and yet just a tad bit less nicer. It makes for a fantastic read from cover to cover.

The Prowler #1 (Marvel) Spinning out of the Spider-Man event Clone Conspiracy comes the Prowler! The comic is solid, and doesn’t require you to be familiar with the event. This was another one I reviewed for Graphic Policy.


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