The Pull List: November 2nd

I was never a huge fan of the previous title to this recurring feature because it was too clunky, but I could never really pinpoint why. This week I gave up on the old title (which would have been some variation of Comic to Look Out For) and simplified it down to what it actually was: my Pull List.

That being said, here‘s the list of what’s coming out, so what am I picking up tomorrow?

Batman #10 (DC) Batman has to infiltrate a prison. Santa Prisca prison, where Bane makes his home. This could be fantastic.

Cryptocracy #5 (Dark Horse) The super secret government that we never knew about is slowly (and publicly) unraveling. One family’s top agent is trying to stop that, but keeps running up against creatures that were previously just urban legends… this series is far from your traditional superhero type of story, and has really surprised me so far.

Faith #5 (Valiant) Almost any given week you’ll see a Valiant comic here, and this is no exception. Faith is one of my favourite series being published right now and this issue sees the debut of the fantastic Meghan Hetrick on art, making this probably my most anticipated comic this week.

Green Lanterns #10 (DC) This is probably my favourite book that DC are publishing right now, in part because of the chemistry between the two leads, but also because of how easy it is to fall into the story because if, like me, you’re new to the world of the Green Lanterns, then you can figure out what their all about with the universe’s two newest Lanterns.

Moon Knight #8 (Marvel) Unless something drastic changes, I’m probably not going to keep picking this up. The series has been okay, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the last two volumes of Moon Knight. Still… some Moon Knight is better than none, right?

Revolution #4 (IDW) I didn’t know what to expect from this event from IDW’s Hasbro properties, but I’m so glad I picked up the first issue.

Superman #10 (DC) I’ve actually been enjoying this series so much more than I expected; Superman having a son is such an awesome new angle for the Man of Steel I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

Unworthy Thor #1 (Marvel) I’ve always been a sucker for redemption stories, so a six issue story about (hopefully) that is going to be intriguing. While I hope that Jane Foster remains Thor for a little longer, I’m not surprised to see the Odinson on a quest for a different Mjolnir – I only hope that he doesn’t end up with his old hammer.


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