Thought Of The Day: This Is Us

As I’m sure are you are all aware, the Fall television season has started back up in North America. There’s been a couple of cool season openers, and one or two duds (as much as I’ve enjoyed Arrow over the years, the season opener didn’t exactly wow me), but perhaps the best surprise for me this year was a show that I may have slightly written off before I gave it a chance. My wife had started watching the series opener of This Is Us while I was reading some old Wolverine comics (I’ll probably be talking about later, but they’re not really important right now), and before long I found that I hadn’t turned the page on my comic in almost an hour.

The next time it was on, I not so subtly put down the comic I was reading (another old issue of Wolverine, probably) and sat engrossed in the episode.

This Is Us has a fantastic cast, with some truly amazing individual performances. Following an interracial family in two different points in their lives, the writers haven’t had an episode that doesn’t give you an emotional jolt yet. Without a doubt the best new series on TV.

Check it out yourself on Tuesday at 9pm Eastern.

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