Weekly Wrap Up

Much like last week, I wasn’t able to read as many comics as I wanted to because I was busy for most of the weekend travelling to a convention, and reading some older Valiant comics. I got through a few, though, as well as a couple of advanced reviews that you’ll find links to below.

bm_cv10_dsBatman #10 (DC) I’m torn on this. There were some cool moments, and the art is great, but there wasn’t enough to make me beg for more. There was barely enough to make me care for the next issue.

Cryptocracy #5 (Dark Horse) A fast paced issue in terms of the plot developments, but we seem to take a little break from the craziness – for a few pages at least. This has been a solidly enjoyable series thus far, but isn’t quite at the Must Read level yet.

Faith (Valiant) There’s a full review over at Graphic Policy, but I quite enjoyed the comic.

The Hangman #4 (Dark Circle) The problem with such huge delays between issues is that people forget about the series and don’t notice the finale when it comes out. I missed this last week… and I probably could have missed it this week, to be honest.

Harbinger Renegade #1 (Valiant) The first of the advanced reviews over at Graphic Policy.

Moon Knight #8 (Marvel)** I’m genuinely torn on this comic. I want to like it, and I do to a certain extent, but I have no idea what the hell is going on. I actually think that I’m beginning to enjoy the series a whole lot more because either I’ve started to catch on, or Jeff Lemire is guiding the plot to a conclusion of sorts. I’ll be back for at least one more issue.

Unworthy Thor #1 (Marvel) It’s been a long time since I’ve read a Marvel comic that I enjoyed as much as this that wasn’t Old Man Logan. Jason Aaron has a fantastic grasp on Marvel’s former hammer swinger, and seeing the god hit rock bottom before getting a glimmer of hope makes for a spectacular comic.

Voracius: Feeding Time #1 (Action Lab) An advanced review of a Kickstarter copy, this was easily the best comic I read all week. Look out for it when it hits shelves in December.

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