Thought Of The Day: On Mis-Grading Your Comics

Remember I mentioned a I had a story? You may not, so as a quick refresher, I had mentioned in a post earlier this week about how I’d found some comics on a Facebook selling group that were in “good condition.” Well, after a forty minute drive away from town, I arrived at a sellers house looking to buy $80/90 worth of “X-Men and Batman comics” that were in good condition. Unfortunately for me, they were primarily X-Factor comics – a series I have never collected – and were in good condition, once you added the line “considering they’d been sat in a damp basement for 20 years.” I forced myself to spend $5 on the 25 cent comics, and then resold the ones I could, keeping only one issue.

If I hadn’t driven so far (distance is obviously relative for people, but a 45 minute drive was far too much for those comics) I’d have just turned around and walked out.

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