The Pull List: November 16th

Another week, another Wednesday, another New Comic Book Day. I don know what I’d do were it not for NCBD, because otherwise I’d never be able to look forward to a Wednesday. Almost like it’s the hardest day to get over in the run of a week.

I’m sure there’s a meme about that.

Poor jokes aside, here‘s the list of what’s coming out this week. You can find what I’m looking forward to below, but what’s tickling your fancy this week?

Amazing Spider-Man #21 (Marvel) The only reason I’m excited for this is because Scarlet Spider is on the cover, and I can never have enough Kaine.

Black Hammer #5 (Dark Horse) I find that Jeff Lemire can be either really good or borderline unreadable. Here, he’s utterly fantastic, and his tale of superheroes trapped in a small town and being forced to live as normal people is fascinating as he explores the former heroes lives, and how they’re reacting to their new status quo. For some, it’s akin to paradise, and others it’s a living hell.  Well worth a read if you want something different from your superhero comics.

britannia_003_cover-a_nordBritannia #3 (Valiant) The story of the first detective, a man armed with the magical powers of deductive reasoning and primitive CSI-type knowledge is facing what could be a threat from the netherworld. This is brilliant stuff, and Valiant’s prestige format publication make this comic well worth your money for a physical copy, but it’s the story and artwork that have been so utterly amazing. There’s only four issues in the miniseries, so treat yourself and read all three this week if you haven’t taken the plunge.

Harbinger Renegade #1 (Valiant) When I first read this for an advanced review for Graphic Policy, I knew next to nothing about the series preceding it, Harbinger or Imperirum, whatsoever. Now, having read most of those series, I’m even more excited for this issue.

Kill Or Be Killed #4 (Image) A vigilante tale that’s part Punisher, part Ghost Rider, and every bit as awesome as you’d expect from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips.

Old Man Logan #13 (Marvel) Perhaps because of the trailer released this month (which I’ve seen more than I’ll admit too), but I can’t wait to get my grubby mitts on this comic. One of the few remaining Marvel books on my pull list, this is another example of Jeff Lemire at the top of his game.



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