Have You Ever Struck It Lucky At A Flea Market?

The places that people get rid of their junk unwanted possessions, ideally for a price, whether it be at a flea market or a yard sale, or the car boot sale (which is essentially a combination of a flea market and a yard sale). Of course if you can’t shift your stuff at either of those (or on any number of online selling arenas) then there the last resort of the goodwill and/or charity shop.

If you’ve ever been to any one of the above, then there’s a chance that you’ve seen somebody’s old comics for sale.

flea-marketSometimes you may get lucky and find them in good condition for a comic that, potentially, has been sitting under the basement stairs for twenty years (this happened to me a few years ago – I’ll talk about it later this week). More often than not, the comics you find at these places aren’t worth the effort of buying and reselling them, especially if you’re at a location where the seller looks like a mobile comic shop; chances are pretty high that their stuff is either over priced, or priced just a little higher than you want to pay if you’re looking to sell them again.

But if you’re not really looking for a diamond in the rough, sometimes you can find a full story arc that’s worth reading when looking through someone’s old box of comics.

A few weeks ago, at a rather large fleamarket, I stumbled across a box of comics at one person’s table. Priced at three for $5, I walked away with six comics, the majority of which was a Captain America story arc called Streets Of Poison that takes place in Captain America #373-376, there was also a Moonstone Phantom comic that I picked up as well as a copy of Origin #1, the controversial (yet quite good) origin story of Wolverine. The only reason I picked it up was to hopefully flip it to cover expenses for the day as I already own the full series.

Was it a big score? Would the comic pay for my house? Hell no, but sometimes the fact that you made any profit on something is a win. And until I do find a comic that’ll pay for my house, I’m going to keep looking.


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