Weekly Wrap Up: Comics Released 11/23

Well this week had some great surprises for me from Scott Snyder and Jeff Lemire’s After Death Book One and The Goddamned (more that it actually came out than anything else), but there were also quite a few other comics I was able to read that were pretty awesome, too. Not all are covered below, because as we know at this point I’m chronically lazy, but you’ll find a handful that you may be interested in below.



Action Comics #968 (DC) When Rebirth began, I never expected Superman and the Green Lantern comics to emerge as my favourite books… but that’s what happened. Action Comics #968 is an action packed fight that builds on a lot of the previous issue’s plot points without ramming it down your throat. An excellent issue that sets the stage very well for what’s to come next.

After Death Book One (Image) Jeff Lemire and Scott Snyder team up to produce something that is as much prose book with pictures as it is a comic book, but it will completely take you away  from your couch as you read this (though I’d recommend reading a physical copy); the art is superbly suited to the story with a water-coloured blends in fantastically as background art for the prose sections, yet works very well for the more traditional comic pages. The book is 825 years after death, and while the events that brought us to where the comic begins aren’t explained, yet, the back story is told by the prose sections of the comic in an almost journal like fashion, written by the main character; Jonah Cooke. After Death Book One is a fantastic read that clocks in at over 70 pages, and had me enthralled right till the very end. Highly, highly recommended.

Bloodshot USA #2 (Valiant) I reviewed this over at Graphic Policy, but in short the issue wasn’t perfect although it did allow me to tune out the world for twenty minutes – and that’s all I really want in a comic.

The Goddamned #5 (Image) Holy shit, I forgot how brutal this series is. Issue five brings the first arc to a close probably later than was originally intended, and while I’d love to say that it closes with a bang… that’s not quite the case; although the more I think about it the better the ending actually is. This is a must read issue if you’ve been with The Goddamned from the start, but if you haven’t you’ll enjoy the trade quite a bit (probably more since you can read it all at once).

Ninjak #21 (Valiant) Honestly felt as if it was missing something, but it wasn’t a bad comic overall. It just… felt like there was something missing. Full review over at Graphic Policy.

Prowler #2 (Marvel) …. if you’re looking for an average story with some brilliant art, look no further. There’s nothing here that adds to the over all Clone Conspiracy arc, so the budget concious reading the event shouldn’t feel pressured into picking this up. 

Venom #1 (Marvel) This issue was far more interesting in terms of it’s concept than execution (but not by much). Unfortunately talking too much about that will rob the book of the realization it lets you have mid way through, so I’ll save that for next issue, but what I will say is that if you have a passing interest in Venom then you should read this. Venom #1 is a fantastic start to a new series, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had some reservations about the series’ future – but that’s a concern for another day.

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