Weekly Wrap Up: Comics Released November 30th

There really wasn’t a whole lot of comics released this week, which I suppose is a by product of it being the fifth week in a month. Although despite that I still ended up reading a decent handful of comics.

Next week has a much higher number of comics being released so check back tomorrow to see what I’m looking forward to, and what I think y’all should check out. In the mean time… how did this weeks pull list pan out?

bm_annual_cv1Batman Annual #1 (DC) I’m a huge fan of annuals like this; a collection of short stories with a central theme that give you a break (a Christmas break…?) from the main Batbooks. There isn’t a bad story here, and with the level of talent involved that’s hardly surprising. A thoroughly enjoyable comic that anybody with a passing interest in Batman will enjoy whether you’re following the main books or not.

Generation Zero #3 (Valiant) An average comic with some standout moments; far from bad, but not as good as it could, or should, be. Full review at Graphic Policy.

 Ghost Rider #1 (Marvel) If, like me, you’ve been exposed to Robbie Reyes through the Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show, then prepare to be somewhat disappointed. The character is almost unrecognisable from the TV show aside from the fact that both are mechanics, and both sometimes have a flaming skull head; if I’m honest, I prefer the live action portrayal over the comic version. That being said, this first issue is perfectly serviceable, but it’s unlikely to set the world on fire. Pun unintended.

Masked #1 (Titan) An interesting start that shows a lot of promise.

Old Man Logan #14 (Marvel) A new direction (kinda) for the series as Old Man Logan is faced with vampires. He’s still cranky, though.

Revolution #5 (IDW) When you think of climactic final battles in crossover events, this issue will be the bar of comparison. SO MUCH is going on in every panel; it’s a glorious smorgasboard of action, although there are some details that get lost it’s nothing that will pull you away from the story. Buy the whole miniseries – you don’t need to be familiar with any of the characters to enjoy the fantastic conclusion.

Savage #1 (Valiant) This was, frankly, the best issue I read this week. Full review at Graphic Policy.

Superman Annual #1 (DC) A solid annual, but it’s relevance to the main series is currently a bit of a mystery.


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