Weekly Wrap Up For 12/7’s Comics

I should probably write some kind of witty, attention grabbing blurb here, but my brain’s a little tired and I’m not really  thinking of that at the moment. So on to the wrap up!

The three Valiant comics I reviewed for Graphic Policy this week can be found here:

Ninjak #22

Faith #6

A&A: The Adventures Of Archer And Armstrong #10

bm_cv12_dsBatman #12 (DC) After the last issue almost had me giving up, I wasn’t expecting much from this one, but the comic is firing on all cylinders.  Tom King delivers one of the best written issues in the series so far, with a look into Batman’s psyche that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before, and is utterly fascinating.While the art in Batman #11 felt a little thrown together Mikel Janin turns everything around here. His layouts are full of double page spreads that are super easy to read (even on a pdf that cuts them in half), and flow fantastically. The story is all build up for #13‘s conclusion, and it’s done so very, very well.

Flintstones #6 (DC) Having never read this series before, I was curious about what it’d be like. And honestly? It’s different, but much better, than what I expected as the community of Bedrock deal with a world ending asteroid strike. Is it the asteroid?  Find out!

Harley Quinn #9 (DC) I have no idea why I read this. Some people will inevitably like this, but I was far from a fan. Art’s solid, however, and it’s worth reading for that alone.

Moon Knight #9 (Marvel)** I’ve actually been dreading this issue, because while I’m a fan of Moon Knight and Jeff Lemire, I haven’t been keen on his run. I told myself that this would probably be my final issue unless, but then I read the issue and it all came together for me. As a conclusion to a four part arc this is pretty solid – although the set up for the next arc leaves no doubt as to the direction Lemire is heading.

Nova #1 (Marvel) The first Nova comic I’ve ever read… it won’t be my last.

Unworthy Thor #2 (Marvel) I really have nothing I don’t like about this comic. There’s some fantastic moments for the Odinson here as he searches for redemption in the form of Ultimate Thor’s hammer. A must read for Thor fans.

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