Things That Change After Going To Disney

It’s been a few months since my wife and I came back from our latest trip to Walt Disney World, and in that time I’ve noticed a few things that having been to WDW have changed – or at least, how I look at them has changed.

Ready to join me in a shortish list?


 You’ll notice a hidden Mickey everywhere. Those two small circles above one big one  will always make you smile, but the best part is that you’ll see them everywhere. Especially when they aren’t even a hidden Mickey. But you’ll know. You’ll know.

 Most other fireworks will now suck. A random Tuesday’s firework display in Disney will be so much better than your nation’s Major Holiday’s fireworks. I kid you not.

You’re happy to wear shoes that are fashionable again.  While at Disney you walk. Everywhere. All the time. And you need shoes that won’t hurt your feet after two days. When you get back home… you’re probably not going to walk as much.

Waiting in line. People’s ability to wait patiently, for the most part, in a queue seems to vanish after going to Disney. I don’t know if it’s because you’re in the Happiest Place On Earth, or that there’s always stuff to look at in the line ups there, but they never seem so bad. Why else would you wait an hour and change for a five minute ride? But when you leave the parks… holy cow do people get cranky if they’re waiting for more than ten minutes. But that may just be because the DMV is always slooooow.

 You wonder why there’s no music in the streets. And I’m not talking about wearing headphones – there is music everywhere in Disney, and it’s quite lovely.

Out door air fresheners. You realize how good Disney smells after the wind changes and brings you the smell of the manure on a farmer’s field, paper mill or sewage treatment facility.

You may have to carry your garbage a lot farther. Ultimately it’s only a matter of time before you get frustrated at the lack of garbage bins as you walk down the street. I mean… should it really be so hard to throw my coffee cup in a bin? Not having a garbage bin every thirty odd feet is never something you’d have paid attention to before, but after having been to Disney it’s hard to miss – hopefully because you’re more litter conscious, too.

Going back to work. Unless you work at Disney.

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