Star Wars: After Twenty Years, I Finally Get It

star-warsI was never a big Star Wars fan growing up, you know that? Yeah, I watched the movies once or twice but they failed to grab me the way they did other kids at the time – probably because I didn’t particularly care for laser guns and space ships. Give me a Robin Hood, or a King Arthur story over a space story any day. While I still have a fondness for swords and sorcery over spaceships, over the last twelve months I’ve found myself becoming engrossed with the Star Wars story.

Finally, some might say, and I’d probably agree with them.

The first time I saw a Star Wars movie in the theater was The Phantom Menace just after I had turned fourteen, which admittedly wasn’t an ideal age for me to get into Star Wars. I was too young to have seen the originals in the theater and get blown away by the special effects, and as mentioned before, they never quite grabbed me the same way as classic Robin Hood films did. By the time the Prequels came to the theater, I had aged past the time period where childhood wonder would engross me into Star Wars by about a year and a half by the time I finally dragged myself to see them after already hearing the general sense of disappointment surrounding The Phantom Menace. Needless to say, I wasn’t a huge fan.
Although the remaining movies in the Prequel trilogy didn’t pull me into the world of Star Wars, I never really hated them. I didn’t really love them either, and before long the Lord Of The Rings movies began to hit my consciousness and I suddenly didn’t care as much about Star Wars.

Until The Force Awakens came out.force-awakens-movie-poster

When I saw that movie in theaters, I felt something stir within my soul, and within a matter of months I had watched the original three movies again. I began to find myself deeply entrenched in theories as to Rey’s parentage, and before long I was looking at theory videos on Youtube centered around what could be next for the Star Wars Saga. Although I could feel myself fall deeper into the story, it wasn’t until Rogue Oncame out and made me immediately want to rewatch A New Hope that I realized George Lucas’ creation had me. As the opening crawl of the very first Star Wars movie made its way across the screen I felt a grin begin that only left my face when that scene happened. In the year and change since The Force Awakens I’ve found myself drawn further and further into a story that took place a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away….



One thought on “Star Wars: After Twenty Years, I Finally Get It

  1. If you ever want to really understand Star Wars you should watch the Flash Gordon movie serials starring Buster Crabbe. About a dozen or so years ago I bought Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe (1940) on DVD. Watching it, I came to realize that Star Wars was basically George Lucas doing a big-budget, high-tech love letter to those old space opera adventure serials from the 1930s and 40s.


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