A Short, Spoiler Free Review Of Beauty And The Beast

beautyandthebeast poster.jpgAlthough I’m not going to spoil the movie, I’m going to assume that if you care enough to read this review then you’ve either seen the original animated feature, or you know the essence of the story at the very least, so I’m really not going to delve into that aspect of the movie too much.


Movie reviews aren’t something I do too often on this blog, because it’s rare that I see a movie early enough in its theatrical run to have something new to add to the discussion. However, because my wife is a huge fan of the original animated movie, we went to the first showing we could get to last night. Before you ask, no, she didn’t drag me to it. Anyway, because it only came out yesterday (officially today, March 17th), I felt that I may as well add my two cents to the conversation.

I’ll start with the most glaring issue, for me at least, and that was the 3D effects at the beginning of the movie – for some reason it took me longer to get accustomed to the 3D with Beauty and the Beast than with other 3D movies, and because of that it took me longer than I’d have hoped to get visually accustomed to the movie. Obviously if you see it in 2D, or you’re used to 3D movies then then you probably won’t even notice this.

Other than that, however, there really wasn’t any other major fault that I could find in the movie; Beauty And The Beast is a very faithful adaptation of the animated classic that by necessity adds a few extra scenes that contain lines of dialogue that shed some light on the story we know and love, even going so far as to answer questions that I didn’t realize I had before – some more subtly than others with a  mere line of two of  dialogue.  I promised there’d be no spoilers, so I won’t elaborate much further, but with the additional exposition the movie takes a step toward addressing some of the less obvious plot holes and character flaws from the animated version – adding depth to whichever version you’ll want to watch.

The cast did a brilliant job in bringing the characters to life, although a large amount of praise should also be heaped upon the movies animation department, the voice acting and physical performances of the ensemble perfectly suited the tone of the film. And while some aren’t fond of Luke Evans’ (Gaston) singing voice  – I thought he did a great job singing although I’m fairly tone deaf so take that how you will – the songs that you came into the movie are almost all present, albeit not exactly the same.

This short, spoiler free review seems to be moving away from being just that, so I’m going to wrap it up now. Overall, I really enjoyed the movie. The live action version of Beauty And The Beast will not replace the much loved animated film, but it’s a fantastic companion piece that is well worth the time it takes to watch.


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