Thought Of The Day: Alterna’s Newsprint Comics

Next month (May 3rd, to be exact) Alterna comics are releasing four comics, Adam Wreck #1, Amazing Age #1, Croak #1 and Lilith Dark #1, on newsprint paper for between $1 and $2.  Peter Simeti, via popculthq, said that One of the nice side effects of printing on newsprint is an extremely quick turnaround time of about 3 to 5 business days.  Our printer is used to putting out weekly publications, so the speediness (while new to us) is definitely nothing new to them.  Because of this, it allows us flexibility to increase or decrease print run numbers as necessary, instead of going back to print on an entirely new print run or rolling the dice on a print run and getting stuck with a massive amount of excess copies or being a few hundred short.

Alterna.jpgI’m sure it also doesn’t hurt that it will allow them to print more comics at a much lower price point than the arguably more collector friendly comics you can usually find on the shelves at your LCS, but if that gives more people the chance to buy these comics that should average $1.50 a book then I’m all for it. Especially because if the newsprint format proves popular then maybe we’ll see other publishers head that way to reduce cover prices.

Although the comics may not be as sturdy as their higher priced counterparts, I don’t see it impacting the collectors market at all – we’ll still buy, bad and board at least one copy of the newsprint comics we choose to pick up; and before you say they won’t physically last as long as the modern comic, there’s precedence for their longevity – see any of the forty plus year old issues at your LCS.


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