Thought Of The Day: Spreading The Love

I was reading a comic the other day, and as sometimes happens, I really didn’t enjoy it. There were a couple of plot points and dialogue choices that I really wasn’t fond of, and the art style had elements that seemed to be exactly what I tend to avoid. When the story and dialogue is weak yet the art is strong, or vice versa, then I usually don’t mind as much because at least half the comic is solid. This time, however, that wasn’t the case. For whatever reason I wasn’t fond of the comic.

Before you ask, I’m not going to name the comic here because that’s not what I wanted to talk about today.

There’s no reason to have this image in this post other than I love the series and didn’t want a wall of text.

By the time I finally publish this Thought Of The Day I’ll likely have read the comic in question a month or more ago, so the name of the comic isn’t exactly going to be relevant, and nor is a review of said comic, so I won’t do that. Instead, I wanted to talk about why I tend, and prefer, to write about comics that I like. There aren’t many reviews published on this site anymore, if at all, but back when I used to review comics on a regular basis on Ramblings Of A Comics Fan more often than not the harshest words I would ever use on a comic was “yeah, it’s okay but it’s nothing special” because it was rare that I could justify writing a review about a comic I didn’t like.

There’s a few reasons for that, but chief among them was, and still is, that I would rather spend my time writing about a comic, series, or even a publisher I do like than one that I don’t.

But because I still read comics that were of the highest quality, even in comparison to previous issues, I made the decision to not cross post every review I write for Graphic Policy any more (although to be honest because I tend to focus more on Valiant’s comics I also didn’t want this site to just be a Valiant review – although there’s no harm in that, I suppose). Just because I don’t like something doesn’t mean that you won’t, and if you do like the comics I don’t, then more power to you.

Every comic is (hopefully) crafted by creators who are passionate about the product they’re putting out, and while there will always be corners of the internet that will scream hatred at everything left and right, I’d like to think that over here at Ramblings Of A Comics fan that there’s a little bit more positivity toward the products that a creator, especially those not published by the Big Two,  has put out than there is negativity.

That being said, if a comic was absolutely terrible, then maybe I’ll stretch the angry fingers out the keyboard and let rip with a tirade of profanity…

But that’s not something I’m overly fond of doing. If I’ve learned anything doing this, it’s that just because a comic doesn’t click for me doesn’t mean it won’t for everybody, and that’s okay. I’d rather spend my time talknig about the comics that I love, and that I think you should read, than spending all day hating on everything. I may mention in passing if I didn’t like something, but there’s a reason that I run a (semi) regular feature called Underrated, and not Overrated (although I did try writing one, it just didn’t seem to flow as well from my brain), and that’s because I’d rather spread a little positivity.

Although sometimes a well written criticism can also be very cathartic.

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