I Finally Tried To Watch Suicide Squad…

Allow me to preface this by saying that the following was written just after I gave up watching the movie. I had had maybe 7 hours of sleep in the past 48 hours – and not too much before (I don’t sleep as much as I should anyway, possibly because of comics writing), so I was really running on fumes at that point. I have every intention of giving the movie another shot. 

So I tried watching Suicide Squad a few days ago; I was on a flight crossing the Atlantic, and it was one of the choices available on WestJet Connect service. 

Maybe because I was exhausted, and the flight was a Red Eye, but I just couldn’t stand the movie. I lasted maybe forty minutes at most, and felt that what I had seen was utter drivel. Now I’m aware that it’s unfair to form an opinion on the movie given the conditions I was viewing it… but it might be a long time till I go back and watch it. But holy shit did I hate Jared Leto’s joker. 

I did end up watching Assassin’s Creed and enjoying it, however. Given all that I’ve heard about the movie, maybe I wasn’t as awake as I should have been. 

Oh well. 

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